Agrinova is a college center for transfer of technology (CCTT) in the domain of agriculture associated with Collège d’Alma. It is dedicated to applied research conducted in partnership with businesses and organizations. Agrinova carries out research and innovation activities, technical assistance, training, knowledge and technology transfer.

Areas of Specialty

Applied Research
Concrete research work, carried out for a specific practical purpose or objective and which meets the needs of companies.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer
Assisting in technological change or adaptation processes, for the purpose of designing or improving products or methods.

Technical Assistance
Unique innovation expertise to assist companies in solving problems, increasing efficiency or improving productivity.

Agronomical Expertise
Experts, who are accredited in several fields, provide knowledge and expertise that contribute to the realization of projects, studies, technical and scientific reports as well as to the formulation of professional opinions.

SR&ED Tax Credits
Professionals who determine the eligibility of innovation projects for SR&ED tax credit programs and who complete the necessary information to maximize financial benefits for companies.

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