Le Groupe Conseil Nutshimit-Nippour

First Phosphate Engages with Groupe Conseil Nutshimit-Nippour for Social and Enivornmental Impact Analysis

Groupe Conseil Nutshimit-Nippour was created through the merger of two companies recognized in their area. They developed their expertise in the fields of environmental protection, land use planning, geomatics, GPS and bathymetric surveys and forestry. The Nutshimit-Nippour Consulting Group has offices in Mashteuiatsh, Saguenay and on the North Coast. The firm’s work and multidisciplinary team is recognized for the quality of its services and for its client-oriented approach.

Fields of Expertise

Biology (fauna, flora, wetland and aquatic habitats)

Landscape survey

Sustainable development and greenhouse gas

Geography and land use planning

Human environment

Aboriginal environment

Social impacts

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