Phosphate Uses

Traditional Phosphate Uses

Phosphate is a naturally occurring compound (P2O5) found in both sedimentary (soft) and igneous (hard) rocks. Soft rock deposits are known to contain heavy metals such as cadmium and uranium while hard rock ores are generally higher in purity.

Phosphate rock is on the Critical Materials list in the European Union and in the Province of Ontario. It is currently under review in the Province of Quebec, in Canada, in the United States and around the world, indicating its crucial role in the industrial supply chain.

Phosphate bearing rock is crushed and processed to obtain concentrated rock phosphate (30%-40% purity level). This material is then processed into various forms for a variety of industrial uses.

Up to 90% of all mined phosphate rock is used traditionally to produce mineral fertilizers.

Phosphate uses include:


Animal Feeds


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