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Original, Vanel, Mirepoix Site Visit (June 4, 2022)

This is the port of Saguenay where trucks enter.  It is a very open, expansive and clean area with no lineups.  Does not seem to be busy at all.

This is at 14km from the port just before you get on the main highway to go to Saguenay. 3km to the airport, 10 km to Saguenay which is a small town on the south side of the Saguenay river.
This is the bridge where you cross over from Saguenay City to the other side of the Saguenay to where the property lies. This bridge can take 57 tonne truck loads. It is 30 km north of the port. The drive by truck to this bridge is very easy, by highway and only goes through one industrial area. So, we would not see big potential issues with residents of a large number of trucks crossing the bridge to get to port.
30km from the bridge to the entrance to the Zec area.
Three phase hydro (three wires) is present from the Sagugenay bridge all the way to about 16 km up the road north to the property. After km 16, it changes down to 2 phase hydro (2 wires).
At km 31, the hydro ends and the road continues to the property.
24km later at km 55, the large hydro transmission lines from Labreville, Baie-Comeau cut across the road. These lines go directly to Saguenay. As can be seen, a second channel of trees has been cut to accommodate a second transmission line to be built there shortly. At least that is what we are being told. Perhaps Hydro would entertain a step down here to accommodate our project? Or likely not ?

This is at about km 83 is 2km north of Orignal and 2km south of Mirepoix. And where the road opens up and forks two ways. It would be an excellent spot to place a crushing facility. It is also about 2 km the other way from Vanel. So basically this is the area central to all 3 of the showings. There is a sand/gravel pit here where the municipality takes gravel and rock to fix the roads in the spring. We are sitting at about 50km from the last phase 2 hydro post and 65km from the last phase 3 hydro post.

I estimate that it could take about 1.5 – 1.75 hours to drive from the property to the port with not too much traffic at any time of day. With a full load truck, I think it might take 2.0 – 2.25 hours to get to port from the property. Maybe 2.5 hours maximum.

These are the showings of phosphate outcropings at Orignal, Mirepox, Vanel and we identified another spot along the road as well which has apparently been drilled years ago.

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